Middle Prep

    Nobody else can make anybody else learn anything. You cannot make them. Anymore than if you are a gardener you can make flowers grow, you don’t make the flowers grow. You don’t sit there and stick the petals on and put the leaves on and paint it. You don’t so that the flower grows itself. Your job if you are any good at it is to provide the optimum conditions for it to do that, to allow it to grow itself.

    Sir Ken Robinson

    The Middle Prep department was created to provide the Year 5 and 6 children a special place at Barrow Hills with opportunity for the children, parents and teachers to work together as one team. The Middle Prep department builds on the identity that has developed throughout a childs school career whether that be building on experiences developed at Barrow Hills, or providing new experiences for those joining.

    We have all specialist teachers in Middle Prep, who guide the children on their journey through Barrow Hills, equipping them with a toolkit of skills and an understanding of how to learn, not just what to learn, providing them an opportunity to build their learning power.

    Children are encouraged to question and to be challenged, pushing their own learning forward.  The excellent pastoral support that children receive in Year 5 and 6 will help them learn from their mistakes and celebrate their successes.

    All children from Year 5 upwards will move between specialist teachers. This new structure necessitates a degree of movement around the school, as children travel to specialist subject rooms. This is useful preparation for the system which children will encounter in their senior schools. It significantly raises the levels of independence and organisational skills which are required of them.

    Children are provided with a tablet which has proved to be a useful resource to facilitate independence and children’s organisational skills. Some children adapt quicker than others to this new way of life and the child’s form teacher will help support with this change.

    Over these two years children are encouraged to take more responsibility for their learning and to have diverse interests with traditional manners. They continue to grow into successful young people who are honest, confident, caring towards others, courageous, kind, resilient and with a profound sense of integrity and responsibility which they can then take through their school career. More than anything the enjoyment of learning is fostered.

    My time in Middle Prep has prepared me for the start of my 13+ Common Entrance Years. My time in Year 5 was exciting, tiring and rewarding and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

    Mr Andrade
    Head of Middle Prep

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