Pre-Prep Outdoor Classroom

    When making a den or a fairy potion there is an opportunity to work things out together: discussion, taking turns and helping each other are such important skills to develop.

    Children can become aware of using their senses as friends lead them blindfolded through bumpy terrain.  They can use magnifiers to investigate a tiny patch of ground and look for patterns in nature.  They collect earth, leaves, moss, bark and flowers.  They listen to the wind rustling in the trees.  They recognise different bird song.  They enjoy cooking and eating outdoors - the very vegetables they have grown themselves.

    Children need to investigate and explore their world and nature is the best resource we have.  The natural world is full of wonder and opportunities to try out a myriad of activities.

    Barrow Hills was one of the earliest schools to recognise the enormous benefits of the Outdoor Classroom.  Before our eyes we see our children develop creative skills and problem solving naturally.  Our special environment nurtures independence and confidence.

    The following are just a sample of the many activities that the children take part in: making bark and leaf rubbings, searching for colours in nature, pond dipping and exploring the stream, dam building, den making, creating boats from natural materials and sailing them in the stream, planting potatoes and cooking and eating them outside, planting trees, plants, bulbs and seeds, making a home for fairies and telling stories about the occupants, creating magic potions, treasure hunts, bug and mini beast safaris, hide and seek, identifying butterflies and wildflowers, nature trails, making bird cake, looking for evidence of animals, building snail hotels, recognising signs of the changing seasons and rope trail adventures.

    The list is excitingly endless!

    Mrs Pulleyn
    Head of Pre-Prep

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