Prism and activities

    At Barrow Hills all the children take part in our unique activity programme, Prism, which is run during the school day.

    It is designed to allow each pupil the opportunity to undertake four activities of their choice on a short course format throughout the year.  The courses are varied and diverse, from cookery, art and modelling to Forest School and outward bounds.  Each course lasts approximately five weeks.  The remaining two blocks are used to rehearse the Year group production.

    Each child collects points for successful completion of their course, and this contributes to a final grade in the summer - Pass, Merit or Distinction.  This programme stands alone from academic and sporting success and is an ideal opportunity for all pupils to shine and be commended for taking part in activities they love.

    At the end of each year the pupils are awarded a badge which is sewn onto their House shirt to indicate their progress through the programme.  By Year 8 the pupils will have collected up to seven badges in each of the colours of the rainbow - Prism!

    ...pupils are given the opportunity to enjoy finding what they do best through a challenging, far-reaching, and evolving curriculum, which offers pupils significant opportunities in design and technology, art, drama, music and sport; in addition, pupils enjoy the extension programme

    Independent Schools Inspectorate

    In addition to our own PRISM Activities Programme, there are a number of other external clubs and activities that some of the children (and parents) can attend if they wish. These are hosted at Barrow Hills, but run by external coaches/teachers; they are paid for separately and directly to the relevant coach/teacher (unless specified otherwise).

    These events are usually at a time outside of normal school hours and while they do not detract from the regular education that your children receive they do teach new skills that can help children in all sorts of areas of their learning.  As they are optional; we ask that you arrange the starting of any external club with that coach/teacher. All the relevant contact details are provided on request.

    Many of the clubs lead to gradings and qualifications in levels. They usually run for 10 to 12 sessions each term.

    All of the external staff have suitably checked qualifications and details for working with the children and in all cases run clubs and activities in other schools and establishments as well.

    Mrs Goddings
    Senior Teacher and Head of ICT

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