School Office

    At Barrow Hills, the school office is physically and emotionally the beating heart of the school as well as a source of information for children, parents and teachers.  Our small team are here to help.

    We mop up the tears after a fall in the playground and bandage the bloody knee, we call the anxious Pre-Prep parent whose Kindy three year old really didn't want mummy to leave them this morning, to reassure them that all is well and their child is calm and happy.  It is here that parents come to find out what time the match tea ends or the school trip returns.  A colleague might pop in to take five minutes with us to gather their thoughts, have a biscuit and move on to the next part of the day.

    We are the eyes and ears of the school and we strive to ensure that each day runs smoothly.  We will address any challenges calmly, efficiently and with compassion.

    The school office is up and running before 8:00 am each school day and we are here until at least 5:00 pm.  In the holidays there is cover to ensure that e-mails, telephone calls and messages are responded to in a timely way.  If we need to get a message to a child from a parent we will know where that child is at any time during the school day.  Should there be an emergency we will ensure effective communication to the appropriate people.

    Our IT systems allow us to communicate with the entire school community - both internal and external - within seconds whether it be regarding an invitation to Prize Giving or letting parents know their child's rugby match has run over time.

    Mr Justin Shreeve
    School Secretary and Head’s PA

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