Total Education

    We believe that whatever subject a child is studying, at whatever time of the day, the experience should be as creative, engaging and challenging as possible.

    Academic subjects are vital to any child's education and we are proud of our children's achievements in English, Maths, Science, Languages and the Humanities.  From our perspective, the same level of drive and expectation is equally applicable to the Expressive Arts, Sport and Activities.  Why should it be otherwise?

    We talk about the 'Total Education' of a child at Barrow Hills. Football enthusiasts may recall that the Dutch football team of the 1970s insisted that every player should be able to play in every position.  It was exciting to watch and it achieved amazingly successful results.  We see a parallel in this attitude to how children are educated at Barrow Hills.

    Please visit the subject pages below and click here for topic lists related to each subject.

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