Our use of technology in the classroom.

    Every child in the Prep Department and teacher has a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and digital S pen. Children in the Pre-Prep Department have a bank of tablets that they can use as part of their class work.

    Samsung technology is helping teachers save time and improve teaching, enhancing self-learning for pupils and improved collaboration in class

    In June 2014 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and Barrow Hills School partnered to form a revolution in teaching at the traditional prep school.  Pupils and teachers have been equipped with the latest Samsung Galaxy Note Pro and 10.1 devices and digital S-pens, which connect to Samsung Wi-Fi connected classrooms and work is shared on large 60-inch interactive touch-screen displays that have been installed at the front of each classroom.

    Barrow Hills is the first prep school in the country to move towards a digital school bag. We are delighted to be driving forward the future of education by focusing on the development of transferrable skills and guided, independent learning rather than the acquisition of facts, empowering our children to become 21st century explorers. We will be preparing our children for the future whilst at the same time maintaining the traditions of prep school education. Our ethos is to educate the whole child, find out what they do best and celebrate their successes in our school community. Investing in Samsung’s innovative technology enhances our teaching and learning enabling us to be better still in preparing our children for greater things.

    Matthew Unsworth, Headmaster 2006-2015

    We selected this range of Samsung devices to create a brand new interactive and engaging learning environment, helping their pupils develop a more self-guided learning From the pupils’ perspective, the Samsung Galaxy Notes are the focal point of the connected school: they provide an all-in-one journal, exercise book, text book, creative pad for design and art, a calculator, a research tool and more.

    This new technology means that pupils can discuss and share projects in real time using Google Hangouts and use the Galaxy Note 10.1’s camera and video functions to record and appraise activities – such as perfecting a gymnastics move, cricket shot or a drama piece.

    The Galaxy Note’s S-pen also allows pupils to  annotate and correct work digitally, from making corrections to writing exercises to cropping and editing art work and designs. A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), accessible via the cloud, provides access to a range of documents.  This technology makes lesson preparation and marking much quicker, meaning less time on administration and more time in the class room.

    Homework can be set and marked digitally using the tablets and a complete record of each child’s progress is automatically stored. Teachers have embraced the technology and meet once a week to discuss innovative ways of working using the Note – whether they’ve been found by teachers or their pupils.

    We always look to inspire young people to unlock their learning potential through the use of technology, and we’re delighted to support Barrow Hills School’s journey to help provide new teaching methods powered by technology. The staff and pupils are using Samsung Galaxy Notes in new, creative ways every day and children are already developing self-sufficient and inquisitive learning styles.

    Andy Griffiths, President, Samsung UK & Ireland

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