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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER FOR THE PERIOD 7th January - 11th January 2019


From the Headmaster

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Dear Parents 

Happy New Year!  I hope that you enjoyed a restful and joyful Christmas and New Year.

In assembly this morning, we thought about the special time we have spent with our families over the Christmas and New Year break, and the joy of spending time doing things together, like watching a film as a family, which on a show of hands most of the children had done.  I shared with them my memories of Christmas films, including Mary Poppins.  Again, on a show of hands most of the children have seen the original and many of them have seen the sequel, ‘Mary Poppins Returns’, which was in the cinema over Christmas.  

I reminded the children that for most of the film we think that Mary Poppins has come to care for the children, but at the end we realise her job was to remind the whole family of the importance of spending time doing joyful things together.  We watched the final scene of the original where the Banks children and their parents fly a kite as a family and sing ‘Let’s go fly a kite’.  Now that school has started and everyone is back to work I asked the children to try to hold on to their special memories from the holiday, to find joy in in the simple things in life and to share that joy with others.

As ever, it is a busy term and we look forward to lots of hard work, progress and achievement across the School.

Kind regards,



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Pre-Prep Awards


Mateo, Beatrice, Ellis, Maxime, Edward, Ethan K, Anthony, George, Alec

Prep Awards


Amelia (4R)


Weekly News

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    Headline News

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    Barrow Hills Community Committee

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    Lenten Appeal

    The Lenten Appeal this year will be a clothing appeal. Our charitable focus will be children and parents giving their time to sort and clean the clothes, with other activities such as the Middle Prep Fair raising funds to transport the clothes.

    The BHCC would like to support a charity (either within the UK or overseas) that will give the clothing directly to those in need. Do you know of of a charity that sends clothes as a gift to those in need? If so please contact Jackie Morris on jmrmorris03@gmail.com or Mr Crisell.

    The clothing collection will take place during week commencing of 11th March 2019. Home clothes welcome. We will also collect old logo school uniform (for uniform with the current logo, please see School Notices).


    Chinese New Year Event – Friday 8th February from 6pm for fireworks at 7pm.

    As you know, we had to cancel our firework night because of bad weather. Instead, we will have a fireworks display to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Pig.

    Food and drinks will be available to purchase in the refectory, together with the light-up novelties the children enjoy so much. We will watch the fireworks from the back of the School instead of the playing field.  

    Firework Night tickets are valid for this event, or you can buy tickets for £4 in advance from Mr Shreeve, (£5 on the door). All profits towards the new library.


    New Chair of the BHCC

    What a great first term I have had as Chair of the BHCC. I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone and finding out how the committee works. 

    I leave Barrow Hills in July (after nine years!) and I need someone to take over the role of Chair from September 2019. It is an exciting time as we focus on enriching the children's education, developing the attributes in the Pupil Profile and simplifying our processes and communications.

    I would love to work with the next Chair over the next two terms so they can pick up the role easily in September. A new constitution is currently being drafted, as well re-clarifying roles and responsibilities and I would really value the input of whoever wishes to take on the role.

    If you are interested, please contact me to talk about what being the Chair means, how we can make sure that the role will work for you and how we can ensure the BHCC continues to go from strength to strength.

    Kind regards, Jackie Morris



    BHCC Cake Sales

    Friday 1st February Year 1 and Year 8; Friday 15th March Reception and Year 6; Friday 17th May Year 2 and Year 5; Friday 21st June Year 4 and Kindy / Reception






    A big thank you  to all who raised money as part of last term’s spare change challenge. 

    McCormack got closest to filling their pot and Kean raised the most money. 

    The totals were: Pre-Prep £32.31; Kean £49.52; Murtough £31.88; McCormack £21.57.

    Empty pots are back in Reception and the Challenge is back on for this term!



    For more information and if you would like to volunteer to help please click here or visit the Barrow Hills Community Committee page on the school website.


    From the Chaplaincy

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    Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 4: 31

    Isaiah 4: 31

    Happy New Year to you all!


    School Notices

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    Second hand uniform

    Has your child outgrown their uniform? If you have clean, good quality, second hand uniform with our current logo, please do drop it off at The Uniform Shop at King Edward's or contact Rachel Barraud at Barrow Hills. You can either donate these items, or we can sell them on your behalf with 75% of the proceeds being returned to you. If we are selling the uniform on your behalf, please ensure that it is is marked with your name and contact details. Thank you.

    Senior netball teams need your help!

    Our fantastic senior netball teams are searching for a sponsor for some new match kit! If you are able to help or would like some further information, please do contact Miss Gartland slg@barrowhills.org. Thank you!


    Calling all babies and toddlers! Please do join us at our weekly Thursday sessions, from drop off until 10am in the Club room, open to Barrow Hills’ families and friends. Please spread the word. 

    Tea and coffee will be provided for parents, water and a snack will be provided for the children.

    Please STOP!

    When leaving the car park, please be aware that there is a STOP sign at the gate and be aware of traffic travelling both ways on the lane.

    Your Weekly Newsletter

    We hope you enjoy your weekly newsletter, including the NEW dedicated BHCC section! We do encourage you to read it each week, not only to see and celebrate the achievements of our children, but it also contains useful notices and key dates. If there is anything you would like to include, or you have feedback, please email marketing@barrowhills.org.

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    The first week back in January is often slow, but the Bacon Butties crew raised £189.70 thanks to you this week. We look forward to welcoming more of the Barrow Hills community back next week.

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    Pre-Prep Birthday Assembly08:40 Thursday 17 Jan 201909:00 Thursday 17 Jan 2019
    Junior Colts B and C Hockey vs Great Ballard14:00 Thursday 17 Jan 201916:00 Thursday 17 Jan 2019
    Junior Colts A vs Amesbury14:30 Thursday 17 Jan 201915:30 Thursday 17 Jan 2019
    Assembly09:10 Monday 21 Jan 201909:40 Monday 21 Jan 2019
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