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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER FOR THE PERIOD 10th September - 14th September 2018


From the Headmaster

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Dear Parents

This morning’s assembly was a great reminder of the children’s many and varied talents.

The Year 8 children led the assembly, reflecting on their time since they joined the school and sharing their aims for this school year in their captain roles.  They are a talented group and are clearly going to use those talents to the benefit of the community.

As you will see in this newsletter, I presented lots of certificates rewarding the children’s talents in drama, music and dance.  The LAMDA results were outstanding, with all results being at least a merit and two thirds were distinctions.  Well done to all the children - actors, musicians and dancers - on their achievements.

It is always good to complete the first full week of term. The children are now settled into the rhythm of school life and set to achieve the greater things for which we are preparing them.

As you know, we have made improvements to the car park, with the fence to protect the pedestrian route and the renewal of the road markings.  Please may I ask that parents take care when parking, ensuring they are not blocking access for others, including the school minibus.  Thank you.

Thank you to the BHCC reps for hosting welcome drinks at the Inn on the Lake on Wednesday for new parents.  I look forward to seeing all of you at the next BHCC event - the Hog Roast tomorrow afternoon.

Kind regards,



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Pre-Prep Awards

Year 1: Bea, Elliot, Anthony

Year 2: Alfie, Annabel, Arthur, Eliza, Emilia, Freddie, James, Lexi, Louis, Luke, Lyla, Noah, Ollie, Rory, Sophie, Suzie, Xanthe


Weekly News

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    Headline News

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    From the Chaplaincy

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    To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.

    Cardinal John Henry Newman

    We all know that life is about change.  We change as we grow.  Our bodies now are not the same as they were when we were children or teenagers.

    The world around us is constantly changing; globalisation, technology, migration, Brexit, social attitudes.  

    We need to be prepared to change, to recognise that we have been wrong, that we can do things better, that we may have become stuck in a rut or in unhappiness, and make the change needed to be happier, better, more fulfilled, more truthful to who we are and want to be.


    School Notices

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    Please use the car park with consideration for others. Please also be aware that the School minibuses need access to their designated parking area and to be able to drive through the car park at all times. Parents and children should walk within the guide ropes around the chapel.


    Please do take the time to fill out the google form sent by the BHCC, it really is much appreciated.


    School Uniform Orders

    Delivery of your purchases can be to your home or a free delivery service is available to School every Tuesday; cut off for this delivery is Sunday evening. The School will email you and then purchases can be collected from the front desk.

    Barrow Hills Facebook

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    Music Lessons

    Music take place on the following days:

    Monday: Mrs Busby - singing, Miss Holt - violin and piano, Mr Orr - guitar

    Tuesday: Miss Holt - violin and piano, Dr Cave - piano, Miss Cowell - brass

    Friday: Miss Nash - woodwind


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    Mysteriously, the Bacon Buttie bread rolls didn’t arrive this morning but a just-in-time rescue from the school kitchen allowed us to offer bacon-dogs and double bacon burger baps, raising a very respectable £233.10. Well done everyone.

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    PGS U11 Netball Tournament13:00 Wednesday 19 Sep 201816:00 Wednesday 19 Sep 2018
    Pre-Prep Reading & Maths Afternoon13:30 Wednesday 19 Sep 201815:00 Wednesday 19 Sep 2018
    Colts B&C Netball vs St Hilary's14:30 Wednesday 19 Sep 201816:30 Wednesday 19 Sep 2018
    Senior & Colts Football vs Belmont, Edgeborough, Great Balllard & Handcross14:30 Wednesday 19 Sep 201817:00 Wednesday 19 Sep 2018
    Seniors Netball vs The Royal16:00 Wednesday 19 Sep 201817:30 Wednesday 19 Sep 2018
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