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From the Headmaster

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Dear Parents

The headline news today is that all of Year 8 have passed their Common Entrance Examinations.  Congratulations Year 8 - a great achievement!

The weather has not been kind to us this week.  Yesterday evening the leavers’ rounders and cricket were played through the constant rain but it in no way dampened the spirits of the children, parents or staff!  A great evening was had by all!  Thank you to Mr Hatcher and Mrs Burnett for organising the matches, for umpiring and for the barbeque.

The rain did hold off for Pre-Prep Sports on Wednesday morning.  The children were so enthusiastic and had a wonderful time.  It was lovely that they were all proud to take part, no matter where they were placed.  Thank you to Mrs Burnett for organising and to the PE staff and Year 8 children for running the morning so well.

Sports Day for Years 3 to 8 will now take place on Wednesday 3rd July.

This morning’s assembly was a celebration of the first Holy Communions of Alfred, Chloe and Max. Dressed in their smart Holy Communion clothes, they told us about the preparation classes they attended, about the special day itself and their celebrations with family and friends.  They all spoke very well and everyone in the chapel congratulated them on this milestone in their faith journey.  

This evening we look forward to the Year 8 performance of their ‘Play in a Day’ and a celebration with their parents of their Common Entrance success.

Please do take a look at the BHCC silent auction lots and raffle prizes in Great Roke Reception. Make a bid and buy some tickets!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Proms on Sunday.

Kind regards,



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Pre-Prep Awards


Delilah (1G), Thomas B (1G), Ellis (1G), Thomas N (1G), Charlotte (1G), George (1G), Alec (1G), Ethan (1G), Elliot (1G)

Head of Pre-Prep Award
Mateo (1G),  Aria (2G) , Rory (2G), Eliza (2G)

Prep Awards


April (5G)

Matthew (6G), Oliver (6G)

Max (7G)

Nicholas (8G), Toby (8G)


Sophie (5G), Nathaniel (5G), Emilia (5G), Alexander (5G)

Harry (6G), Luke (6R), Phoebe (6G), Mia (6R)


Molly (4R), Millie (4G)


Choir badges
Sophie (2R), Eliza (2R), Jemima (2R), Arthur (2G), Xanthe (2G), Lexi (2R), Aria (2G), Lyla (2R), Annabel (2R), Emilia (2G), Suzie (2G), Autumn (2G)



Weekly News

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    Headline News

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    Barrow Hills Community Committee

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    The Summer Party!

    If you’re planning to join us at The Summer Party on Saturday 29th June please buy your tickets by Friday 14th June.  The auction and raffle is our main fundraiser this term, together with the Summer Party. You may bid on silent auction items and buy raffle tickets from reception (please click on the booklet to view all the wonderful prizes). Summer Party tickets can be collected from Mr Shreeve. He will also gladly accept cash or a cheque made payable to BHCC. You may pay for tickets and auction items via bank transfer to or via PayPal. Please see the Parent Portal for details.






    Proms in the Park - Sunday 16th June 1.00 - 4.00 pm

    The BHCC invite you to the fantastic annual Proms in the Park. Join us on the back lawn of the School for a delightful afternoon of music and entertainment courtesy of your children. No tickets required, cash bar for Pimms, beer, soft drinks and a BBQ. All profits to the library fund. Please click on the poster to see the programme of events.








    Change 1's Life - spot our boxes!

    Edmilson (CEO) has shared photos of the container being loaded. This has left the UK and is expected to arrive in Angola (Luanda) on the 9th July. We look forward to receiving more photos on his return from Angola.










    BHCC Cake Sales

    The final sale of the year will take place on 21st June with delicious treats baked by Year 4 and Kindy / Reception.



    WE'VE BEEN PAID! A huge THANKS to all our amazing supporters who shop through #easyfundraising! Please keep using it whenever you shop online - over 3,600 retailers send us FREE donations when you shop at no extra cost so it's FREE money for us! If you haven't signed up yet please do sign up on our cause page. We currently have 52 supports that have helped us raise £1,170.03.


    For more information and if you would like to volunteer to help please click here or visit the Barrow Hills Community Committee page on the school website..









    From the Chaplaincy

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    Now when it was late that same day, the first of the week, and the doors were shut, where the disciples were gathered together, Jesus came and stood in the midst, and said to them: Peace be to you. John 20:19

    This is the beginning of the story of Pentecost, when the risen Jesus appeared among the disciples and the holy spirit descended upon them.  Jesus’ greeting, ‘Peace be with you’ is one we repeat as part of Communion.  In our troubled world they are words to remember and live by.


    School Notices

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    Sports Day

    Postponed until 3rd July 2019.


    Please be aware that ticks are present in our area. Whilst ticks may not have come from the school garden, please be aware and regularly check your child(ren). 

    Further information about ticks can be found on the NHS website https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/lyme-disease/

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    On this drizzly mid-June morning, the Bacon Buttie stall raised a respectable £210.85, selling out of croissant and pain au chocolat. We will order a few more for next week and our apologies to those Pre-Prep children who missed out. Thank you all you lovely fundraisers and stall helpers.

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    Grandparents Day08:30 Tuesday 18 Jun 201916:30 Tuesday 18 Jun 2019
    Year 3 Production18:30 Tuesday 18 Jun 201920:00 Tuesday 18 Jun 2019
    Senior Cricket (Girls) vs Great Ballard & Prebendal14:00 Wednesday 19 Jun 201917:00 Wednesday 19 Jun 2019
    Senior & Colts Cricket vs St Edmund's14:15 Wednesday 19 Jun 201917:30 Wednesday 19 Jun 2019
    Colts Cricket (Girls) vs Belmont14:30 Wednesday 19 Jun 201916:30 Wednesday 19 Jun 2019
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