From the week commencing 1st June we are welcoming back all our early years children and those children in Year 1 and 6. We will also continue to offer places to children in the priority groups. However, the learning continues for each one of our children. We are well and truly operational both academically and pastorally and current parents can find all of the information on how #BH@Home will operate this term as well as access information and tips for remote learning below.

Please note that we are deliberately using the term distance learning rather than technology-specific labels such as ‘virtual learning’, ‘e-learning’, or ‘online classes’. This choice reflects our conviction that quality learning can occur at a distance without solely relying on technology. Barrow Hills does not want children staring at computer screens for 7-8 hours a day. Our goal is for pupils to read, communicate, and engage in authentic learning experiences, while continuing to be physically active.

We are also actively welcoming prospective parents to get a feel for Barrow Hills by accessing ‘virtual admissions’ here.


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