1. How many heads did the monstrous watchdog of the underworld have?
  2. What was the sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
  3. Who was the giant ground-keeper at Hogwarts School?
  4. What was the real name of Judy Moody’s brother, Stink Moody?
  5. Which two animals are mentioned in the well known English sentence that uses all the letters of the alphabet?
  6. In what series of books do you read about a photocopier machine, The PATSY2000, that brings the images that it prints to life?
  7. Which one of his grand-daughters did Roald Dahl use in a book? Which book?
  8. Which children’s author has written a sequel titled Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again?
  9. In what country can tourists see a bronze statue of Tintin and Snowy?
  10. Who tried to avoid the terrible Cheese Touch from a mouldy piece of cheese that had been sitting on the basketball court since spring?