Leavers' Destinations

    2019 is the 10th consecutive year the children have achieved 100% pass rate results at Barrow Hills. Fifty percent of the Year also achieved scholarships to their next school spanning academic, drama, design and technology, art and sport, underpinning the School’s commitment to providing children with a well-rounded education.

    13+ Scholarships 2019
    Charterhouse (Foundation Academic)
    Prior’s Field (Sport)
    St Edmund’s Hindhead (Drama)
    Prior’s Field (Art and DT)
    Ampleforth College (Basil Hume Drama Scholarship)
    King Edward’s Witley (Art and Drama)
    Leavers Destinations 2016 - 2019
    Churcher's College
    City of London Boys
    Edgeborough School
    Farnborough Hill
    Frensham Heights
    International School of Helsinki
    Iona College, Brisbane
    King Edward's Witley
    Lord Wandsworth College
    Milton Abbey
    Prior's Field
    Reed's School
    Royal Grammar School Guildford
    Seaford College
    St Catherines, Bramley
    St Edmund's Hindhead
    St George's College
    St Peter's Catholic School
    Surbiton High School
    The Portsmouth Grammar School
    The Royal Grammar School
    The Royal School

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