Mission Statement

Children at Barrow Hills are growing to be… Curious about everything; and brave when meeting new challenges. Scholarly in the way that they learn and in their love of learning. Compassionate towards others, in the School and in the wider world. Generous of spirit, and in sharing their time and their gifts; and joyful in their appreciation of their families, their friendships, their School and the world. Truthful and true to themselves, and responsible in what they say and in what they do.

Barrow Hills’ ethos is to educate the whole child, find out what they do best and celebrate this in the School community. This is achieved by ensuring children at Barrow Hills:

  • Work productively and creatively in a nurturing and safe environment.
  • Enjoy finding what they do best and making it better still.
  • Experience the positive challenge of a far-reaching, ever-evolving curriculum.
  • Actively contribute to both the School and the wider community.
  • Grow to have strong, moral character through living Christian values.

“Inspired, Happy Pupils”

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