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Learning Support and Extension

We recognise and develop what children are good at.

We feel it is important for every child to feel they have a special talent or gift which is recognised and celebrated in the school community. No child at Barrow Hills should feel invisible.

We also believe children need to recognise areas they need to develop regardless of their ability. Lots of our work involves building the children’s tenacity and independence to empower them them to reach their targets and to help to prepare them for secondary school.


Independent Schools Inspectorate

Children who have learning differences or who are gifted and talented may receive support individually, in small groups and in the whole class. In some cases these children may need some additional targets to enhance and develop their learning. A Learning Plan (LP) is created directly with the student, supported by key members of staff and parents.

The Department provides on-going support and training for teachers and parents to constantly strive for the best education for children in our care. A parent support group called the Umbrella Group is held on a termly basis for parents and Learning Support and Extension staff to share good practice.

Mrs Goedkoop
Head of Learning Support and Extension

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