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Co-Curricular life at Barrow Hills

The strong academic curriculum is only part of what makes an education at Barrow Hills so special. There is so much else that goes on beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. Our co-curricular activities play a vital part in developing a variety of attributes in our children, and passions are often discovered that children take with them to their senior school and beyond.

Involving everyone

The core elements of our co-curricular programme are timetabled during the school day and are accessed by all of the children at Barrow Hills. All children develop their skills in art, DT, music, drama and sport in their lessons, and all children perform in a production on the stage every year. From Year 3 upwards they regularly represent the School in sports fixtures.

Developing talents and passions

Once a fire is kindled we work hard to keep it burning. As children move through the School there are further opportunities to explore each of our core areas outside of lessons in the form of lunchtime clubs. There are a range of music groups and choirs who perform regularly alongside soloists in our concerts. Children can choose to take individual lessons in a range of instruments. Our Heads of Subject are always on the lookout for talents in their area, and in Years 7 and 8 they run an exciting array of enrichment sessions to develop these talents further.

Optional extras

We also have a wide range of optional extra activities on offer at Barrow Hills. A number of activities complement our regular sports and PE programme, such as tennis coaching, judo, tap and jazz and ballet lessons. LAMDA and musical theatre lessons supplement our rich drama opportunities at Barrow Hills. In addition to these, we have a popular Adventure Club, run by our Forest School leader, and are always open to new ideas – we have recently added a Magic Club to our mix.

Through our co-curricular programme, our children learn creativity, self-confidence, teamwork, resilience, perseverance, bravery, self-discipline and independence. All of the attributes that go towards being prepared for greater things.

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