School fees for the current academic year are available below for download, including breakfast and after school care. In addition to the fees there is a charge for personal accident insurance; details of the scheme can be viewed HERE

Helpful payment options

Early Year Free Entitlement (EYFE)

We are able to offer EYFE funding for 3 and 4 year olds. This is for children in Kindergarten and continuing into Reception up to and including the term in which your child turns 5 years old.  At Barrow Hills School EYFE hours must be taken as part of a morning session of not less than 2.5 hours.  The afternoon sessions do not count towards any EYFE. In practice this means that you can qualify for the maximum of EYFE of 15 hours per week if your child attends for 3 hours on all five days.

Childcare Vouchers

Payment is already accepted from numerous providers for this tax-efficient option which can be used for after school childcare and for up to a child’s 5th birthday. Your employer will be able to provide information about the scheme it offers.

A 5% discount is offered to the second child and 10% to the third and subsequent children whilst the children remain at Barrow Hills. Please note: Discounts are not applied to any extras such as trips, optional activities, personal accident insurance or any other charges. This discount is maintained at Barrow Hills for families where the older child(ren) attend King Edward’s Witley.

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Information for current and prospective parents on how Barrow Hills will be operating at this time can be found here.