Barrow Hills aspires to educate the whole child. We provide the highest levels of pastoral care, encouraging children to fulfil their aspirations and potential within an atmosphere of mutual respect and compassion.

Our staff know the children, their strengths as well as their weaknesses, what makes them ‘tick’ and what makes them happy. Staff give children the time they need to get to know them, they care about their happiness and aim to develop the thoughtful, caring side of their characters as well as their intellect and ambition.

Our children come back to visit with a fondness for the School which gave them an excellent all-round preparatory experience.

The Happy Hangout – A Place for You

The Happy Hangout is our wellbeing room, named by one of our children after a school wide competition. Thanks to donations from our parents it is a homely and welcoming space, easily accessible within the School for every child in the school needing advice, support and a sympathetic ear.

It is manned by Youth Mental Health First Aid trained staff at break and lunch times and our school dog is often there too. There is a letter box for children to leave notes at other times should they wish. There are specialist books on relevant topics such as coping with worry, feelings and friendship issues that the children may read and/or borrow and mindfullness colouring sessions have become popular.

Peer Mentoring

All children in Years 7 and 8 are invited to apply to be Peer Mentors to help support children lower down the School. Successful applicants are expected to attend training sessions on:
  • The importance of mental health and wellbeing;
  • The different issues children may struggle with;
  • Understanding how and where to meet with mentees;
  • Recording key, confidential information and not sharing with others;
  • The importance of keeping information with the designated adult;
  • The need to use adult support when necessary.
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