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The one thing all sportsmen and women share around the world is packing their kit bag. Chris Robshaw will pack his own kit bag, our games teachers will pack their own and even Prince Harry will pack his the night before a match. For many, having the correct kit can make or break their performance.

However, one thing remains constant for us all during the ups and downs of our sporting endeavours; a love of our chosen game.

Metaphorically our children arrive at Barrow Hills with an empty kit bag and are given the opportunities and the confidence to fill it with whatever they like.

By experiencing as many sports as possible, playing competitively and training rigorously our children develop lifelong skills and confidence over their sporting careers at Barrow Hills.

Specialist sport is taught at Barrow Hills from Kindy with children gradually acquiring the skills that later enable them to represent the School in football, rugby, cricket, hockey, netball, rounders, swimming, tennis and lacrosse. Every child from Year 3 to Year 8 plays a fixture every week and participates in a total of five hours of timetabled sport. We believe in sport for all.

Regular fixtures give every child the opportunity to play as part of a team and learn how to be gracious in victory and defeat. Teams are differentiated according to ability, ensuring every child is able to contribute to the School’s success.

Potential sports scholars are identified early and given the opportunity, support and encouragement necessary to achieve their awards. Many of our children play their chosen sport at county level.

As our children grow older and move on from Barrow Hills to their senior schools, compulsory sport will begin to decrease. A love for sport is the only thing that will tempt them into the ritual of packing their kit bag. The knowledge of what to pack and the willingness to do so is what we strive to instil in our children at Barrow Hills.

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