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About Us

A partner to depend upon in an ever-changing world

Being a parent today is challenging, just when you have got to grips with one age or stage and are feeling pretty confident, your child grows and enters a new phase, bringing with it a whole new set of challenges and adventures! Therefore, finding a school that will partner with you throughout the school journey to bring out the best in your child is so very important.

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It is our children and their families who make us what we are – a very special place where children flourish into confident members of society.

The best of the old and new

Barrow Hills is a small, happy school based on Christian principles with a family centred ethos. We are proud to offer the best of a traditional education, based on time-honoured values such as respect and courtesy. In a world in which children are often forced to grow up too fast due to the pressures of social media and television, a focus on forest school style outdoor education makes Barrow Hills, with its acres of woodland, a place where children can be children.

Our teaching incorporates the best of academic and creative practice and is delivered using state of the art technology. Our role as educators is to treat each child as an individual and provide support as they pursue their journey towards independence.

We have an enviable reputation for the academic performance of our children with a 100% pass rate to the senior school of choice and a wide range of scholarships awarded. Yet above all, our children leave us as generous and responsible individuals, compassionate towards others and true to themselves, scholarly in their love of learning and brave when meeting new challenges. Such attributes are as important for their future careers as their exam success.

Relationships are extremely effective, and  a palpable culture of respect and tolerance for others’ needs reflecting the kindly family ethos of the school pervades all aspects of school life.

Independent Schools Inspectorate, 2022
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