Year 4 trip to Wisley

22nd March 2016

Year 4 had a great day out in the sun at Wisley Gardens on Tuesday 22nd March! As well as walking around the gardens and the glass house, they had a science workshop which included dissecting a broad bean, learning about different methods of seed dispersal and examining different seeds and made their own spinners as you can see from the photos. The search was on in the glass house for the Dragon tree on their spotting sheet which was eventually found! They also planted some seeds in a home-made biodegradable pot and I shall look forward to hearing if they have germinated over the holidays. They also made a ‘journey stick’ as we walked around Wisley collecting interesting leaves and petals and attaching them to the stick. From this, we will do some geography mapping our journey!

The visit will be useful learning for the children for their topic of plants next term, the seeds arrive from the space station on the 19th April!
A fantastic place to visit with your children and I think even Mr Hooker and Mr Clarke enjoyed it too!

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