Haslemere Hogs

13th January 2017

We have been given the opportunity to take part in a Haslemere based charity event called Haslemere Hogs. Large, ceramic pigs will be decorated by local schools and artists. The ‘Hogs’ will be displayed from April 2017 in and around the local area. The main focus of the event is to publicise Haslemere while raising money for charity and promoting art in the local community. We currently have a ‘hog’ in the art department which is ready for decoration. The aim is that every child in  the Prep department will contribute a made element to its decoration before it goes on display in Haslemere. The theme for our ‘hog’will be focused around the garden designer Gertrude Jekyll who created our own walled gardens and who also has a beautiful rose named after her. With this in mind, the children will soon begin decorating the hog’  in their art lessons and we would like to start fundraising by giving the hog a play-on-words name. Some of the names that have been used for other ‘hogs’ are ‘PIGasso’, ‘Serano HAM’ and ‘Tulips for HAMsterdam’.

To begin our fundraising we would like to invite you all to ‘Name our Hog for £1’. Each person can enter as many names as they would like. The name entries will be judged and the winning name awarded to our school ‘Hog’. The first £200 pounds raised will be donated to the Haslemere Hog’s charities which include: Kaleidoscope; Action Medical Research for Children; the Haslemere Penny Ha’ Penny Trust and Positive Action. Any amount raised in excess of this will be donated to a Barrow Hills charity. Entries may be made from Monday 16th January at Reception or every Friday morning, for the month of January, at the bacon sandwich stall. If you would like any more information please click through to Haslemere Hogs.

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