Mrs Nicholls’ Trip to Burkina Faso

23rd February 2018

Dear Parents, Children and Staff,

Over the half-term holiday I went to Burkina Faso in order to pay a visit to the Catholic schools of the Fada Diocese.

Our work in this diocese began 13 years ago, in 2005, when we linked ourselves in friendship with St Benedict’s School in Fada.  Over the years, St Benedict’s has benefitted greatly.  So greatly, in fact, that the time came last year to move on in such a way as to reach out to the other Catholic schools of Fada which are in need of what might be described as the basics.

During my stay in Fada this month, the Diocesan Director of Education – Father Antoine – took me on a tour of the four other schools of the town.  As I went around the schools I made a list of some of the key things which each school needs.  Here is that list!

St Joseph’s Secondary School has 280 pupils spread over just five classes; there are a mixture of Catholic, Protestant and Muslim children.  Their urgent need is for the installation of electricity / solar panels.

St Joseph’s Primary School has 470 children spread over six classes.  Their key need is for food for the children at lunchtime.  They have a kitchen, but no food.  The government is meant to supply the food, but doesn’t.  Therefore, the children go hungry.

St Agnes Secondary for Girls has 119 girls and needs text books and solar panels for their water pump.

Simandari Primary School is the second oldest school in the area (founded 1944) and looks it!  It is in a dreadful condition.  There are two buildings, three classrooms in each.  There are 384 children in the school.  Their key need would probably be the complete refurbishment of the buildings and some furniture.

We are committed to sending at least £5,000 per year to the diocese of Fada to help them to realise some of their needs.  £5,000 per year equates to about £30 per Barrow Hills family per year, which should be easily realisable.

PLEASE therefore do your best to support any Barrow Hills fundraising activity.  Your support will help us to help those children whose education means everything to them as a means of securing a better future in what is one of the poorest countries in the world.


Mrs Nicholls

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