Barrow Hills Library Encourages Gaming!

24th January 2020

That caught the eye of a few people, not least any children reading the weekly newsletter I bet! Yes, the Barrow Hills’ Librarian welcomes children from across the Prep department every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime to come to the library to play games together, or with me! Spread the word…

No, I haven’t suddenly acquired a Playstation or a fancy Gaming computer, but I do have a great selection of board games and card games. Whilst all children are encouraged to go outside at break time and get some fresh air, those who prefer to read a good book to a mass game of football on the astro, or to play a quiet card game than a bustling game of ‘it’ or even to chat quietly over some art activity than scramble over the adventure playground, then the lovely, revamped Prep Library is the perfect space for them.

We all know the value of great exercise and fresh air but time spent in the Library will be equally beneficial and fun I hope. It has been a pleasure to see mixed year groups spontaneously playing Monopoly together, keen bookworms buried in a novel, and young boys deep in discussion over the Guiness Book of World Records together! This new library activity time also has the benefits of encouraging teamwork and collaboration, compassion and inclusion just like playground games. All the games that are currently available have a latent educational quality whether it is as obvious a game of Scrabble or Boggle, as subtle as the collaboration needed for a round of Monopoly or the mathematical benefits of Yahtzee and Uno. Even colouring in activities have covert fine motor skill positive benefits.

So far, I have raided my local charity shops for games for the children to play and we have a great selection but it would be great to keep adding to this. In due course, we will be releasing the link to a school Amazon account Wish List especially for the Library and English department, but in the meantime if you are interested in helping us add to the library games or books collection please email me on or if you are having a clear out at any time, we would welcome any second hand games.

The Barrow Hills Librarian

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