It’s freezing in Kindy!

31st January 2020

Following on from our Polar topic, this week Kindy is exploring freezing and melting, solids and liquids. During carpet time, we discussed ice lollies and how we keep them in the freezer because it’s chilly. But when we take then out, the warm sun melts the ice so that the liquid drips down. “I get very sticky on my arms!”  We made fake snow using baking soda and shaving foam and created a snowy landscape for our Polar animals. The children enjoyed squeezing the foam and mixing the snow together.  We had previously frozen water in a variety of plastic containers and the children investigated the texture and feel of the ice blocks. “Ooohhh it’s all hard. It’s a solid.”  We estimated how long it would take the blocks to melt.  Kindy added the snow to the “icebergs” to complete our Arctic scene.  We kept a watch on the melting process. “It’s sad. The ice is all melting and the Polar bears won’t have a home anymore!”  “Look! The ice is melting back into water. That’s amazing.”

Children creating fake snow Children creating snow by using baking powder and shaving cream

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