Year 1 Victorian topic

31st January 2020

Year 1 had a very interesting afternoon learning about the Victorian artist, designer, writer and craftsman, William Morris. He is particularly well known for his designing skills and most notably his unique wallpaper and fabric designs. The children looked at a range of different wallpaper and thought it was all very beautiful.

The children were given a challenge to create their own design of William Morris style wallpaper which was then photocopied to mirror the repeating pattern used so often in his work. This beautiful work is now proudly displayed in the Year 1 classroom.

The children then visited the stunning Prep library on the top floor of Great Roke to see if there was anything there that they recognised. It was a matter of only a few seconds before the eagle-eyed children spotted that the new curtains in the library were made from a William Morris design fabric.

A huge well done to the children who are learning so much about Victorian life – and doing their own research at home too!

School children showing off their arty creationsSchool children sat around the table ready for their studiesChildren with their poster art ready for displayWallpaper-style art for display

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