‘Cut Your Carbon’ Campaign

24th November 2023

‘Cut Your Carbon’ is a national schools campaign, delivered by the country’s largest environmental schools programme, Eco-Schools. The campaign creates a national moment, spotlighting the various aspects of our lives that result in carbon emissions and challenges pupils to take positive action to reduce their carbon footprint.

The central challenge of ‘Cut Your Carbon’ is a checklist of nine simple actions that pupils can complete at home with family and friends throughout November. These actions relate to everyday activities and prompt families to consider how they can make small changes to help reduce their impact on our planet.

At the conclusion of the ‘Cut Your Carbon’ campaign, each participating school’s ‘Eco Committee’ will collate the numbers of pupils who completed each of the nine actions. The Eco-Schools’ Team will then celebrate their achievements through our communications channels, highlighting the indicative carbon savings delivered in schools.

Every child has been given a checklist to take home and we ask that once they have completed this, they bring it back to school. We will be entering Barrow Hills School into the national prize draw at the end of November. We have turned the heating down at school and have ‘Meat Free Mondays’ in place. Make sure you check these off your list!

The Barrow Hills Eco Team

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