From The Head

24th November 2023

Dear Parents,

Much happening today. We have the contrast of the excitement of the BHCC firework event to the quiet contemplation and dignity of our Remembrance Day Assembly in Chapel. At the time of writing, we hope for a small break in the monsoon to help us enjoy our bonfire and refreshments. For now, an enormous thank you to the many parent volunteers helping across the event this evening. It’s a good moment to echo the recent call for volunteers. We would dearly love more hands to ensure these community celebrations remain a vibrant part of school life. We hope the event ends the week far better than it started for many of our families … starting Monday with no water was a challenge!

With Remembrance Day, as time passes from the great wars, it really does become more abstract for this generation of children to understand and appreciate the sentiment. A way parents might help is to share family stories and perspectives from the past. Thanks to many articulate and reflective Barrow Hills children who shared some of their family histories in discussion this week. Very inspiring and something to build upon next year.

This week we also enjoyed a soft launch of the new ‘Through the Trees’ adventure playground. We are introducing children to this slowly in groups, as the excitement needs to be tempered with some safety awareness. So far, so good.

Challenge of a very different sort saw our Year 6 team put in a really solid performance at Cranleigh Vex Robotics Competition. With a superb determination to succeed in the most difficult of challenges, they won the ‘Amaze Award’ for ‘Coding Excellence’.

Enjoy the weekend,

John Towers

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