From the Head

1st December 2023

Dear Parents,

A wonderful comment from the Sports Department captured the spirit of our U10 rugby fixture against Pennthorpe on Thursday: “They were battering each other but smiling and laughing at every tackle”. Such good news that the children can embrace teamwork and competition with such joy… And with the temperature dropping below freezing!

Other standout moments this week have included the energy of the Swimming Gala and the range and quality in the Autumn Music Concert on Tuesday. With the latter, we saw some inspiring performances and so a takeaway for us will be to bring more of this magic into our weekly assemblies from the new year.

As the week drew to a close, we had the Christmas Tree going up in the Old Roke. As we head into December, please do drop in to see the decorations and warm up as we have the fire going. You may even spot our new Barrow Hills Elf, ‘Buttons’, who the children are on the lookout for. On the theme of warmth, you may have also noticed our team at drop off times, moving a little closer to where parents tend to wait on The Lower. This has a purpose. We have started a regular staff training session with our teachers once lessons are wrapped up. One of the first matters we’ve been considering is good communications that will support our caring ethos. So, those teachers are edging closer to chat and to connect, usually a whole lot better than an email!

Continuing the warm theme, despite the cold snap, we are seeing a good number of children arrive at school in just a shirt and blazer. A jumper is a must as is a coat on winter days. Finally, do please check the calendar as there are lots of events over the next fortnight.

Have a great weekend.

Mr John Towers

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