Annabelle Gray OBH

“At Barrow Hills, what I enjoyed the most was the inspirational culture for girls to thrive in sports. The environment created by the sports staff at Barrow Hills is the root of my love of sport! Being pushed and challenged to be my very best on and off the pitch taught me so much about how to become the best sportsperson I could be. 

Having played mixed football since the age of four, I have continued my footballing passion since BHS. I have played for Goldsworth Park Rangers Football Club, and, more recently, Ascot United FC U18, and Laurel Park FC U18. At Ascot, my team won the Surrey Women’s & Girls’ football league twice, as well as reaching the Surrey FA County Cup Final. At Laurel Park, I also won the Berkshire County Football League, as well as the Berks and Bucks County Cup. Alongside this, I was selected for Surrey County U18’s girls’ team. 

I think my fondest memory from Barrow Hills is being encouraged and not restricted from playing football with the boys at lunch/break times. Despite being one of the only girls that played football in my year, I was welcomed by the boys to get involved. I think this speaks highly of the environment that Barrow Hills creates for their children.”

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