DT Showcase 2021

DT continues to thrive with the children enjoying expanding their knowledge and skills year on year. The department also encompasses food technology and coding.

Mr Conway introduced the Year 3 children to the workshop and challenged them to build bird houses. Year 4 undertook a STEM fan boat project where they learnt about forces and circuits. Children in Year 5 built dragster cars and tested their soldering (and racing!) skills. Year 6 built houses from their technical drawings. Year 7 made light up decorations that were powered by their chromebooks. And our eldest children in Year 8, created personalised smart phone stands.

Food technology with Mr Clarke continues to be popular, both at school and during periods of BH@Home. Children challenged themselves with recipes from tacos to fresh berry smoothies, from Spanish omelettes to banana pancakes and healthy breakfast muffins to a thick and creamy chocolate moose and many more! After cooking, the children evaluated their work, analysing their skills, the taste, how any problems were overcome and if the recipe would help to keep them healthy.

Coding with Mr Hatcher produced some creative and technical work. Year 6 designed and built some excellent video games.


Year 6 video games

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