Out in the ‘real world’, scientists learn from each other and extend the boundaries of their knowledge by research.

Every day, the Barrow Hills science team strive to emulate this by providing the children with memorable events to inspire. This encourages even the youngest of our scientists to ask questions and make discoveries for themselves in a varied and inclusive environment where our children believe they can achieve and succeed.

The science curriculum begins as soon as children join Barrow Hills Pre-Prep. Concepts are introduced and revisited as children develop, adding greater layers of conceptual difficulty and factual knowledge. Through a practical approach to learning, our young scientists are developing a discerning way of thinking that will serve them well as they are presented with an ever changing array of scientific theories in the media.

Our children start to appreciate chemistry, biology and physics as separate disciplines from Year 6 and ‘How Science Works’ is embedded in all three so that they gain confidence in data collection and analysis. The Common Entrance syllabus starts at the beginning of Year 5 and children are placed in sets at the start of Year 6. Children are taught in one of two purpose-built laboratories from Year 4, well equipped to a level beyond that necessary for KS3 teaching; the perfect environment in which to inspire the scientists of tomorrow.

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