From their earliest years, children at Barrow Hills participate in a progressive and engaging science curriculum, tailored to suit the wants and needs of every budding young scientist. Enjoyment and inspiration is at the heart of our teaching. As such, we look to nurture individual interests into unwavering passions, both in school and at home, such that children will consider pursuing one or more of the scientific disciplines when venturing into further education.

By providing the opportunity for scientific discovery at an early age, science in Pre-Prep aims to set the foundations for a life-long love of science. From physical human biology to the intangible fundamentals of physics, children in Years 3 and year 4 embark upon a hands-on curriculum, targeted at better understanding the world in which they live.

Our children start to appreciate chemistry, biology and physics as separate disciplines from Year 6 and ‘How Science Works’ is embedded in all three so they gain confidence in data collection and analysis. The Common Entrance syllabus starts at the beginning of Year 5 and children are placed in sets at the start of Year 6. Specialising in Year 7, children progress from two to three hours of timetabled science per week, following a holistic and accessible curriculum.

With common entrance examinations, scholarships, and future GCSE curricula in mind, specialist lessons are designed to support the needs of all children and increase in autonomy as they advance. With a strong emphasis on practical-activity, children are provided with the opportunity to immerse themselves in each and every lesson from within either of our purpose-built laboratories. A variety of assessment for learning strategies are integrated within the curriculum, tailoring delivery of lessons to support consistent progression. Through teacher feedback, peer-assessment and self-evaluation of work, age-appropriate metacognitive strategies are utilised to expand our young scientists mastery of the subject and cognizance of their own learning behaviours.


It is common knowledge that no one science is exclusive in its content or application. As such, we maximise the opportunities for our children to consolidate knowledge of science through shared activities across the curriculum; in particular technology, engineering and mathematics. Integrated into the school timetable, these activities provide our children with ample opportunity to both extend and apply their knowledge of real-world science.

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