Art has been known as the fun subject in the school curriculum for many years. It is the one subject where you can get covered in paint and not told off for doing it (so long as you are wearing an apron!).

At Barrow Hills, we believe it is important to capture and maintain this fun while forming a strong foundation of artistic skills. These skills are not confined to drawing and painting. In addition, we offer ceramics, textiles, print-making, animation, photography, film making and sculpture.

We have a variety of creative spaces for children to use at Barrow Hills. Our facilities include a large communal classroom, print room, kiln room, preparation room and a diverse outdoor space for expressive large pieces of work. We are very proud to give our children such opportunities to explore and create their own vision of what they believe art is.

Every child is born an artist.


Each week Year 3 to Year 8 have a one hour art lesson. Each term is topic based where pupils are able to develop an idea through a range of influences. These range from art history to technical knowledge of a specific material. At the end of each project each student creates a final piece that is displayed within the school grounds.

It is essential for us that each child’s skills are celebrated and appreciated.

Throughout their preparatory years at Barrow Hills, the children will get the opportunity to get out of the classroom and visit a range of places and galleries to broaden their knowledge and understanding. These include Tate Modern, Watts Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Portsmouth Historic Harbour and local sculpture gardens.

Work in art shows exceptional creativity and technique…

Indepedent Schools Inspectorate

From Year 6 onwards, selected children will get the opportunity to focus on their skills in art and aim for a senior school scholarship. This time consuming opportunity is directed at the few children who live and breathe the subject and who wish to dedicate a considerable amount of their spare time to it. We have had great success with a directed scholarship programme running for the scholars.

Miss Edwards
Head of Art

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