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If you had the chance to tell us the best way you learn, what would it be?

Maybe you enjoy the concept of ideas, theorising, arguing and refining a particular point; mulling over the wisdom of one theory over another. Or perhaps you are the sort who wants to plan out what you do, meticulous in every step, list every detail, map out the way ahead to give yourself a clear idea of how you get from A to B. If not that? Then would you be the type who wants to get hands on, understand the shape of what it is you need to learn, be able to feel the texture under your skin and manipulate it? All of this is available under the guise of Design and Technology.

When we are creative and try to design an object, a thing, a concept, we risk exposing ourselves to failure or criticism. In DT we dare!

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.

Seneca the Younger

From Year 3 upwards at Barrow Hills, DT is taught by subject specialists with children enjoying a carousel of resistant materials, IT and food technology over the course of a year. Whether it is making Celtic warrior shields; or baking; or designing, building and racing electric dragsters down the dance studio; or coding; or designing menus; or even building and racing full size gravity go karts down the school drive, then we dare.

And we do more than that. DT is the way you always wanted to learn: it is the melding of practical maths, practical physics, history, forest school skills, IT and the arts. It is collaborative and encourages problem solving, resilience and application.

As a valued part of our curriculum, children enjoy an hour of DT a week. We encourage and support our children to apply for art and DT scholarships and we are delighted to celebrate recent successes.

Pupils of all ages thrive, are confident and are at ease with others. They benefit from the way their childhood is nurtured through events such the annual go kart race, the Silver Jubilee celebrations and ‘worm charming’.

Independent Schools Inspectorate

Mr Conway
Head of DT

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