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At Barrow Hills, the music department aims to provide the very best musical education and enthuse children of all ages and abilities to realise their potential.


Children have one lesson of music per week, from the earliest days of Nursery, when the children learn simple songs and play percussion instruments, through to Year 8 where the children study the musical elements of improvisation and melodic composition. The curriculum is engaging and stimulating and covers a wide breadth of genres. The ethos of music for all underpins our teaching as we make the subject accessible to children of all abilities. There is a real passion in introducing children to the exciting world of music and nurturing a love of learning and enthusiasm for the subject. We prepare children for the future and lay the foundations for a lifelong interest and appreciation of music.


There are a wide variety of ensembles on offer from Year 1 upwards with choral and instrumental groups. From rock bands and recorder consorts to assemblies and school productions, children benefit and flourish by engaging in group music-making. The School has a proud choral tradition which is flourishing and very popular. Groups often join our partner school, King Edward’s Witley for major events, masterclasses and workshops.

Individual Music Lessons

Instrumental and vocal lessons are offered from Year 2 by a team of specialist Visiting Music Teachers with many children taking advantage of these.

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