At Barrow Hills we pride ourselves on our strong, traditional House system which offers a wide range of activities and competitions from House singing, poetry and drama to sports and games. There really is something for everyone!

Every child from Reception to Year 8 wears a pin badge denoting the colour of their House on their blazer or jumper. This helps to generate a sense of House identity within the school community.

We have three Houses named after former Headmasters; Kean, McCormack and Murtough.

The House system gives our children the opportunity to be rewarded for effort and achievement in all areas. Children regularly earn House points for excellent work and for embodying the attributes in our Pupil Profile: curious, brave, scholarly, compassionate, generous, joyful, truthful and responsible.

At the end of the school year at prize giving, the prestigious ‘Jansen Shield’ is awarded to the overall winning House.

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