Hemdean House Min

Mrs Jane Lunnon

KESW Education & ICT Sub-Committee

Attended University of Bristol (English) and North London Collegiate School. Began career in marketing and research before taking up teaching. Has had a broad experience of both single-sex and co-educational environments. Became the first female Head of Alleyn’s School in January 2021 having been Head of Wimbledon High School from 2014 to 2020. Previously at Wellington College and Prior’s Field Schools in a variety of roles: Head of English, Assistant Director of Studies, Head of Sixth Form, Deputy Pastoral and Housemaster’s wife, before becoming Senior Deputy to Anthony Seldon at Wellington in 2010. Helped to set up The Sunday Times / Wellington College Annual Education Festival and has run (and spoken at) numerous workshops and conferences, including twice at the Global Girls Education Forum in the US.

Governor of Newland House.

Trustee of the Royal Spring Board Foundation and the International Positive Education Network and sits on the HMC Universities Committee.

Member of the Royal Shakespeare Company Education Committee.

Married to Neill Lunnon, Head of Fulham Prep School (previously Housemaster & Deputy Pastoral at Wellington College).

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