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Woodland Trail

We are inviting local nurseries to decorate their own ‘Barrow Hills Bunny’ to be included on our Woodland Trail; open to visitors during the morning of Saturday 26th June.

Our Barrow Hills bunnies are made of fiberglass and stand just under 1 foot tall. We would like children and staff from local nurseries to use their imagination and decorate their own nursery bunny and return them to Barrow Hills by the end of May. We will then lacquer the bunnies to help them withstand the elements, getting them ready for our Woodland Trail. You will be able to visit your nursery bunny, and see all of the other decorated bunnies, in our beautiful grounds on 26th June. The bunnies will then be returned to each nursery by September, where they can take pride of place.

Why are you decorating the Barrow Hills bunnies?

We were inspired by the annual ‘Haslemere animals’, most recently the Haslemere Hounds and wanted to create a smaller scale version for local nurseries and the children at Barrow Hills to enjoy. And who doesn’t love bunnies?

What are the bunnies made of?

The bunnies are made of fibreglass and so are fairly sturdy, but we would encourage you and your children to be careful with them!

How will you get the bunnies to us?

Once you have confirmed that you will be taking part in the trail, we will organise a drive by drop off to limit social contact. If you want to take part please let us know as soon as possible so we can organise for your bunny to be delivered.

How should we decorate our bunny?

The world is your oyster! Let your imagination run wild. You may stick things onto the bunny, dress him/her, add any kind of arts and crafts you like.

We anticipate that painting will be a popular option and if you do this, we recommend that you use acrylic paint as this will work best with the coating on the bunny. We would suggest that the children wear old clothes when using acrylic paint as it does not wash out easily!

We will lacquer all the bunnies when we receive them.

When is the deadline?

We need the bunnies returned to us before the May half term (Friday 28th May) to ensure that the bunnies are lacquered and dried in time for the Woodland Trail. You are welcome to drop them into our Reception or we can pick them up.

When is the Woodland Trail?

The Woodland Trail will take place on Saturday 26th June from 9.00 am to 12 noon. All participating nurseries and their children are invited – feel free to bring a friend or two!

Will we get our nursery bunny back?

Yes! We will return the bunny to your nursery by September for you to enjoy. If for any reason you do not want your bunny back, just let us know.

Who do I contact with further questions?

Please email the Marketing Department, Natalie or Tiffany, on marketing@barrowhills.org.

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