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24th November 2023

We started off our week by waving goodbye to Year 3 as they headed off to Butser Ancient Farm.  The weather was certainly kind to them, and the children had a very stimulating and memorable day.  It was lovely seeing them arrive back at school, armed with their goodies that they were excitedly showing me.  We also said congratulations to all the Year 6s who sat their ISEB 11+ exam. All their hard work helped them to feel confident going into their exam.

Tuesday saw the arrival of the Usborne Book Fair.  Such a wonderful array of books and authors were on offer, and the children were spoilt for choice. There was something for everyone, and hopefully your child found a book that they can get drawn into and transported into another world.

Year 4 have been boggling their minds exploring the ‘bus stop’ method for short division. They have also been inquisitive, investigating and researching the impact of temperature on changing state of matter. In History they discussed the role of ancient Greek ostracism and they found the whole process fascinating and it provoked many, many questions.

Some wonderful aromas have been wafting out of the food technology kitchen this week, with cheese and spinach pasties, cheese straws and meatballs on the menu.  Hopefully, as parents, you have been able to sample the delights, although judging by the munching on the Lower, perhaps not! Afternoon games and matches have seen the boys sporting some very dirty legs after their rugby sessions, and some of the girls have taken part in the Surrey Football Cup semi-finals.

On Thursday, our top chess players headed off to St Catherine’s school to play in a tournament.  When they came into school they were enthralled to tell me about how well they did – congratulations, team!

We finished the week with a super assembly by 3R on anti-bullying.  The class did extremely well to put their point across about how important it is to be kind to others, and a smile goes a long way.  We also were fortunate enough to take part in some Christmas decoration workshops, courtesy of the BHCC.  The children were really beginning to get into the festive spirit, and it was a joy to watch them excitedly create their decorations.  Thank you to the BHCC for putting this on for the children.


Please can all children in Year 3 and Year 4 have their reading book/records, wellington boots and play scripts (Year 4 only) in school on a daily basis.


Please can the children who are on the Food Tech rotation bring in a named container to take their produce home.

Stars of the week were awarded to Lucinda (3G), Abhinaya (3R), Bessie (4G) and George (4R).

Have lovely restful weekends,

Miss Tyrrell
Head of Middle Prep
Deputy DSL

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