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2nd February 2024

Another week of learning and growing here in Middle Prep.

The children have had plenty of opportunities to read during National Storytelling Week. Year 3 had a visit from Mr Towers on Wednesday and he shared a story with them. Year 3 have also been busy using their newly learnt IT skills to create presentations explaining why they, as ‘Viking Raiders’, invaded Britain! 

The school is awash with plenty of play rehearsals!  We are all blessed to hear the enthusiastic singing from the children. Year 4 are eagerly preparing for ‘Hoodwinked’, and are nearing the day of their performance. Year 3 are right at the beginning of their rehearsals for their production of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and are enjoying getting to know the different characters.  Year 5 and 6 are getting into the swing of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’.  We have been busy!

Outside, the children have been kept busy with matches, cross country, house hockey and water polo. 

Elsewhere around the school, Year 5 have been looking at ‘Myths and Legends’ and have already been introduced to Rama and Sita, Perseus and the Gorgons, the Caribs and Daedalus, and Icarus. The children have used characters from these stories to explore further through the technique known as the ‘Conscience Corridor’ in drama. Soon, they will be creating their own creatures and stories.

Year 6 have been working hard on their planning, editing and proofreading skills and linking their knowledge of history by writing ‘Timeslip Stories’. Characters have ended up back in time to meet Henry VIII, Queen Victoria and a very nervous Caveman!

We ended the week with a lovely assembly by 5R, and, along with the audience, I very much enjoyed the Chinese Lantern Dance – my congratulations to 5R for a wonderful assembly.

I hope you all have restful weekends,

Miss Tyrrell
Head of Prep
Deputy DSL

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