Young Sporting Wonders

This is a competition for 100 children to win a £20 book token. The top 10 then also win the opportunity to conduct a Zoom interview with a global sporting star.

The remit is simple: just write to about you and sport! This isn’t about perfect punctuation or amazingly creative writing. This is your passion for your sport in your words. Pure and simple.

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Magpie Makes

The gorgeous robins for the Christmas decorating workshop were supplied by Magpie Makes. This wonderful company  is all about making creative learning fun for children. They offer holiday workshops, sewing tutorials and make-at-home kits – ideal for half term!


The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix has led to record numbers of chess sets sold and lockdown has seen an increase in its popularity. However, many people confess to buying a set but not then knowing how to get started. St Catherine’s Bramley Chess Master, Andrew Martin, has designed booklets either for children to work through or for teachers/ parents who are beginners to learn and keep a move ahead of their children. Thank you to St Catherine’s for sharing this fantastic resource.

The King Edward’s Witley online chess tournament took place on Saturday 6th February, with 146 children from 37 schools (including four Barrow Hills children). Dates will be announced soon for their next tournament, so enjoy practising!

The Home School Bistro

The Home School Bistro was launched by Holroyd Howe during the first lockdown to help families cook, teach and learn about delicious, nutritious food together. Home School Bistro recipes and menus have been designed to utilise ‘easily accessible’ ingredients and ‘left over’ foods safely to produce tasty meals and snacks. It also provides curriculum based interactive educational resources and activities for children to complete. From learning about food waste and recycling that features in many science-based subjects to understanding the importance of a healthy balanced diet in PSHE.

The Home School Bistro may be accessed here.

Whizz Pop Bang’s 7 Days of Science Challenge!

After six long weeks, we’ve all earned a break, but are you wondering how to pack a lockdown holiday with excitement? We’ve done the hard work and planned a whole week of free science fun for your family. Just add a few household items and some enthusiastic young scientists and see if you can complete 7 Days of Science with us!