House points were awarded to everyone who dressed up. The victorious House was Murtough.

Special mentions go to:

Year 8

Fabulous whole form dressing up as Mr Men and lots of hard work with homemade costumes
Mr Tickle with very long arms – Hugo
Mr Bump commitment to blue face paint – Toby

Year 7

Wizard of Oz Scarecrow – winner good prop with straw everywhere – Charlie T
Phileas Fogg – winner for the largest homemade dressing up prop – Max
Pippa Longstocking – amazing hair – Edith
Wizard of Oz Scarecrow – Izzy

Year 6

Miss Trunchbull -amazing unibrow and hair net – Alfie
Tiger – home made outfit and facepaint – Alex
Spaceboy – ingenious use of ski helmet – Ollie
Flying Man – Luke

Year 5

Mini the Minx – great attention to detail – Delilah
Mary Poppins – fantastic props and very realistic – Phoebe

Dinosaur skeleton – great effort with crutches – Kit
Dumbledore – the costume was so good we didn’t know who it was… Felix

Year 4

Veruca Salt – Charlie and Chocolate Factory – amazing costume made of balloons and lots of face paint – Hermione
Beowulf – Fabulous home made props – Bertie
Miss Trunchbull – All the right props – Esme
Captain Underpants -biggest pants award – Harrison
Oompa-Loompas – face paint and hair were fantastic – Arthur

Year 3

Jemima Puddleduck – Sophie
Laura from Little House on the Prairie – Hannah
Phileas Fogg – Charlie
Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Leonidas
Cleopatra – Imogen

Year 2

Gandalf – Poppy
Little Miss Sunshine – Millie

Tea pot – Mathilda
Tin Tin – great hair – Ralph

Year 1
Superhero especially brave as he didn’t want to dress up – Theo
Thing 2 – Mya


A Smoo (The Smeds and the Smoos) – Henry
Dalmatian – Hannah
All the children who were at home unwell but joined in on Tapestry – Orson, Otis, Matilda,Walter, Sophie

Nursery and Kindy

To you all for being such superstars at dressing up!