Sports Day by Cleo (4R)

The colossal crowd was cheering extremely loud,

As energetic children raced around and around,

And little children started to dangerously bounce and bound.

A piercing whistle started the race,

Whilst other children hurriedly slurped water back at base,

And feet stomped all over the vast place.

A loud bang happened and it hurt my ear,

It shattered glass and I could hear,

A stampede of children growing near.

Excited dogs barking and yapping,

Other people, vigorously clapping,

When will the sounds cease to happen?.

Sounds washed around me as I raced around the track,

And not once, did I look back,

At the colossal crowd cheering extremely loud,

As I raced around and around and around.


Sports Day by Ottilie (4G)

My heart was thumping

As shoes were bumping!

Exhilarated parents clapped, shiny medals clinked

As children were lapped

Shot puts thrown like a balloon being blown.

Dogs barked as tracks were marked!

Javelins thrown as the sound of guns had grown. Children tripped, as water bottles were sipped.

Everybody did their best.

It’s time for a drink, and a relaxing rest.

Sports Day by Montgomery (4G)

The nervous children wait patiently for their races

Their sports kit looking as clean as a whistle

We see the excited look on their faces

As they wait for the sound of the pistol…pow!

The anxious teachers with a gun in hand

Line up the children next to a coloured flag

Everyone hopes all goes as planned

And the little ones don’t fall out of their bag

The excited parents start cheering loudly

As the teachers fire the gun….bang!

Let’s hope it doesn’t become cloudy

To spoil the fun

Giggling siblings wait quietly for their turn

The relaxing grandparents sleeping sound…shush

Suncream on so they do not burn

It’s time for the relay round

The nervous children wait patiently for their races

High jump, long jump and javelin done

This year they have all picked up their paces

Now it’s time to rest in the warm sun

Sports Day by Ilana (4R)

A stranger called last night

put some sounds in a bag

Dressed in yellow and white

and ran away in zigzag.

The sports day was silent

no bangging of the gun

or hushing of the government

Under the cheerful sun

The screeching of the microphones

The laughing of the children

The chatting of the parents on their phones

As they start to walk into the garden .

The cheering of them all

The banging of the hurdle

When the rain starts to fall

They jumped over the puddle

The clapping of the people

The thump of the skipping rope

Holding their signs written in purple

As they run as an antelope

The crying of a little baby

The cheering of the dancers

The barking of the puppy

As there can be no losers

The fightings of the twins

As they miss the race

Missing their sister’s wins

As they run on the footpace

A stranger called the next night

Dressed in yellow and green

After the clock strikes midnight

He was never seen.