Basilisk Began by Millie (6R)

Basilisk began.
She took the skin of a cobra,
And the scales of a predatorial fish,
And made her cover.

She took the shrieks of young children,
And the hiss of a cat,
And made her voice.

She took the running of criminals,
And the slither of a rattlesnake,
And made her movement.

She took the darkness of people’s souls,
And the light of the moon,
And made her eyes.

And Basilisk was made.

Wolf Began by Charlie (6R)

Wolf began.
He took the brindled coat of a husky,
He stole the spikes of pine trees,
He borrowed the whiteness of the moon
And made his pelt.

For his voice,
He stole the roaring of an engine,
He took the howling of a storm,
He borrowed the haunting of ghosts.

From high mountains,
He borrowed the softness of snow,
He stole the stealth of a shadow,
He took the silence of a church
And made his movement.

From inside a palace
He stole the emeralds of the rich,
He took the stars of the sky,
He borrowed the gold of the sun
And made his eyes.

Knives of humans
Went into his claws with
Shards of glass and
Sharp rocks of cliffs.

And Wolf was made.

Dolphin Began by Molly (6R)

He took the smoothness of a pebble
He took the cold from the water,
He took the blue from the sky,
And made his skin.

He took the echo from the mountains,
He took the noise of a whistle
And made his voice.

He took the splash of a fish,
He took the dive of a mermaid
And made his movement.

He took the black of night,
He took the roundness of a planet,
And made his eyes.

He took the sharpness of a knife,
The shape of a roof top,
And made his fin.

And the dolphin was made.

Lion Began by Josh (6R)

He took the noise of a building crashing,
He took the rhythm of a musician,
And made his deafening voice.

He stole the sky of a winter’s night,
He took the fleece of a sheep,
And made his pitch black mane .

He took the sharpness of a metal needle,
He took the colour of the summer sun,
And made its lethal teeth.

He took the focus of an eagle hunting,
He took the colour of a block of gold,
And made his deadly stare.

He took the crescent of a summer moon,
He took the sharpness of a steel blade,
And made his fatal claws.

And lion was made.

Black Panther Began by Edie (6R)

She stole the growl of thunder,
She stole the cry of the wind ,
She stole the hiss of a serpent,
And made her voice.

She took the black of midnight,
She took the sleekness of a shadow,
She took a pattern of the dappled forest floor,
And made her coat.

She grasped the leap of an acrobat,
She grasped the silence of the dead,
She grasped the climb of a Russian vine plant,
And made her movement.

She grabbed the colour of amber,
She grabbed the secretness of the stars,
She grabbed the sight of the most powerful binoculars,
And made her eyes.

Lightning went into her claws,
Sharp as a knife,
Made fear like nightmares.

And Black Panther was made.

Racoon Began by by Huw (6R)

Racoon began
He took the noise of someone running their hands down a piano
He took the growl of a vicious lion
And made his voice.

For his coat
He took the fluff of a big bush
He took the colour of a cloudy night
He took the grey colour of fog.

From the gloomy dark night sky
He took the swiftness of a fighter jet
He took the sneakiness of a spy when he is scavenging through rubbish
For his movement.

Then at midnight
He took the blackness of space
He took the shadows from the big oak tree
To make his eyes.

Sun and moon
Went into the point of his razor sharp claws
And for their shape he took the curve of a banana
And Racoon was made.

Rhino Began by by Lara (6G)

He took the roar of the wind travelling through the trees
He took the booming of a giant’s stomp
And made his voice.

For his skin
He took the roughness from the concrete roads
He took the dullness from the greyest clouds
He took the silver from a coin.

He took the charge of a rocket ring up into the sky
He took the slowness of the sun rising
For his movement

Then at night
He took the blackness of midnight
He took the gleam of the moon
To make his eyes.

The wrinkles of crumpled paper and the strength of metal
Went into the power of his feet
And for their shape
He took the sphere of a wrecking ball

And Rhino was made.