It was midday in the highlands of Scotland where there was a blizzard.Trees swished from side to side and there was a foggy view for miles. Roads were as icy as possible with vigorous wind destroying the signs. On the banks there were piles of snow looking like they were about to fall.The snow blew onto different cars making them more and more look like clouds. 

In the distance you could see cars and vans top to bottom covered in snow.Also you could see people trapped inside their houses due to the blizzard.The mountain was misty and murky with a hint of gloom to add to it.The traffic was a jumble which meant people and cars were getting covered by the blizzard and snow.

Taylor (7G)

As Cold As Ice

The distant, picturesque, mountain, was like looking at an incredibly tall marshmallow, with avocado green mounds poking out of the side. I looked around to see the snow concealing the roots of bony fingered, lifeless trees with crystal decorations on the joints and fingernails. It was as cold as iron, but the sun was like a ball of fire ready to explode. The snow was as crisp as an apple, and stepping into the pile of white glitter was like listening to someone bite into a Cadbury crunchie bar. The immaculate looking, pigmentless snow was destroyed with carved- in foot prints.

The slimy looking roads had a coat of milky white slush that was moving at snail pace down the cleanly cut edges.The dark chocolate chalets all had crystalline icicles clinging on to the edge of the overhang that squeezed tightly around the house like a belt. The powder that fell steadily from the creamy sky stuck to everything, like it was being glued down to earth. Everything that was stationary was covered in a colourless blanket of snow. When you stare, it looks like a massive cake that had been covered in fondant that looked as soft as fur, or a hot chocolate with a thick, generous amount of whipped cream.

Jess (7G)

I saw a wave of snow falling towards me, I saw the thermometer was -17 degrees celsius. The wind was like a knife cutting through piercing through my skin. The snow was piling up around me like a flood. The snowflakes were like snowballs being thrown by a machine. My vision was limited, everything was blurry, the trees were swaying like they were dancing. I looked back and could see the old house my grandma lived in. I could see the old vines dying and cowering away from the house, the old lights flashing like they were about to crack. The old footsteps barely visible with all the snow filling them up.

The clouds were dark black, with the snow being thrown down. I was cold. My toes were barely movable. My fingers were purple. The clouds would not let the sun through. I could hear the wind flying past me like a rocket. I could hear the wolves crying for their lost pups. The ice was sliding into my jacket. The touch under my jacket was like a ghost touching my soul, a cold ghost touching my back. The snow was so cold it was blue. As I got closer, I saw the sun come out.

Tom (7G)