Here are some extracts from their work:

The temperature started to drop rapidly and I could feel a change in the wind’s direction. I stared out to my left, seeing a behemoth of a cloud dragging itself across the plains and engulfing everything in its path.
I watched as the town disappeared into the gloom and as my hand faded away right in front of my face, there were no words to help describe the emptiness around me, only the rough sound of me breathing heavily.
I felt exposed and alone as if I was the only human left on earth’s flat plains.

Max (8G)

It’s cold as I trudge down the path, I cannot see the end but I know I have to keep going. The salty air fills my nose with a stinging sensation, I can feel it in my lungs and taste it on my tongue. The water level has receded, pulling its long tenacious fingers back. I’m safe. For now.

I thought I was near the end, I could almost see it. But now all my hopes are crushed, covered in a thick layer of mist. I am blinded by a white haze that holds its hands over my eyes to seal my vision.

Fraser (8G)

The mist hung in the air like a bat in a shadowy cave. It was as if I had gone blind except that there was no one to help me. I smelt and tasted the pale salty air. I sensed the mist crawling on my skin like small living things and felt myself becoming more alert in an instant.

Matilda (8G)

The cold was chewing away at me, so I rushed to get inside the house. The mansion was towering above me, but it didn’t seem to be getting any closer. A strong gust of wind blew soaking wet hair onto my face, along with hail and rain into my eyes. My old raincoat wasn’t working, I was completely drenched through. And even more, I was stuck here, alone, until five.

The strong gales carried a faint smell of smoke, as if something was burning. I could hear the water and ice hitting the gravel, the stones crunching beneath me with every step, the mud squelching as it mixed with the rain. My wet hair wrapping itself around my neck, threatening to strangle me. The winds were growing more aggressive, and the rain and hail heavier. My feet were numbing fast, and I feared that soon I wouldn’t even be able to stand.

Charlotte (8G)