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News from Pre-Prep

22nd March 2024

It is hard to believe we are at the end of another term this academic year but judging by how busy the past few weeks have been, it’s probably because…

School Life

3rd December 2019

At Barrow Hills, school life is supported by our beautiful 33-acre estate providing children with on-site opportunities for outside learning, informal play, a variety of sporting activities as well as…

From the Head

8th December 2023

…Assembly. Our children are now really getting behind the House Point competition, with the re-invigorated format shared by the House Captains and cheered on by all. It has been great…

Transport & Travel

3rd December 2019

…with a term’s notice. The service needs to be pre-booked by parents with Barrow Hills School. To book please email Mrs Kim Hall on klh@barrowhills.org or call +44 (0)1428 681024….

Kite Workshop

22nd June 2018

…were helped to hone their kite flying technique, which involves developing hand-eye coordination, kinesthetic awareness and gross motor skills. They built and decorated the kites before taking them outside for…

Barrow Hills School Announces New Head

9th July 2019

…Barrow Hills with a broad experience of all stages of education and will be an invaluable support in continuing to grow and develop our pupils to achieve the best of…

From the Head

1st December 2023

Dear Parents, A wonderful comment from the Sports Department captured the spirit of our U10 rugby fixture against Pennthorpe on Thursday: “They were battering each other but smiling and laughing…

From the Head

15th December 2023

…loud and proud, as I write. We appreciate your patience mid-week. It appears a third party inadvertently severed our internet connections at the edge of the sports field. Thank you…

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