Year 3 visit Butser Ancient Farm

5th October 2015

Year 3 had a fantastic day at Butser Ancient Farm last Friday.  The weather was beautiful and the day was action packed.  The children camped out for the day in an amazing round house with a real fire in the middle which they all found extremely exciting.  The activities included an archaeological dig, clunching, visiting a Roman villa, chalk carving and mosaics.  As you can see from the pictures lots of fun was had by all!



All the children had a favourite memory of the trip.  Here are a few of them. My favourite part of the day was…..

Louis – When we visited the Roman Villa!

Claudia – When we were taught how to carve chalk.

Mia – When we were being archaeologists and digging for treasure.

Sarah – When we mixed the clunch!

Tommy – When we were digging for archaeological treasures.

William – Pretending to be an archaeologist!

The quote of the day was when the children were mixing the clunch to build a new hut

Sarah – “Mrs Peek, it is very difficult not to want to throw it at someone”!

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