Year 2 visit to Haslemere Museum

17th November 2015

As part of their topic on Ancient Egypt Year 2 visited Haslemere Museum on Tuesday 17th November. We discovered that the Ancient Egyptians were around about 5,000 years ago.

We took part in the mummification process of Suti and learnt how the brain was removed, along with the liver, oesophagus,  stomach and lungs. We discovered how to dry out the body and make to smell nice before it was wrapped in linen. We now know know how to identify a Pharoah’s mummified body and that the process took seventy days to complete.



We saw the 2,300 year old mummified body in the museum and were able to see the beautifully coloured hieroglyphics on the outside of the mummy as well as his death mask. We also saw a mummified cat, hawk and even some crocodiles!

After lunch Kay, our guide, helped us to mummify our own cuddly toy using a bandage. It was quite tricky to keep the bandage in place whilst wrapping it round! Our mummies had their own death mask and cartouche with their name written on  in hieroglyphs.

It was a fun and informative day out which consolidated our learning of this exciting topic.

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