A day in the life of a Victorian school child

8th February 2016

“Shhh” whispered Thomas as we lined up as quietly as mice. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. We stood in the freezing cold wind, waiting, waiting to go in. I was nervous! The teacher Miss Smith looked stern and strict. Finally our boy line and girl line went into the old re-created Victorian school room. We were greeted by a treasure trove of Victorian toys and games.

We were guided up the creaking stairs in single file. My heart was pounding harder and harder. Suddenly we were stopped. There she was our teacher in the classroom – Miss Smith. She looked stern, strict and sounded meaner.
Crack! went Miss Smith’s cane on my desk. We were having our hands checked! I hoped mine were clean …. Our backs ached from sitting so straight on the hard wooden benches.
Following this we all had to do a sheet of handwriting with an ink pen. I hope mine doesn’t smudge! And then recite some times tables and spellings! The silent stuffed owl looked down on us all.
At break time we got to play with some Victorian toys. I enjoyed the puppets most of all. We really loved our time as Victorian school children and would like to go back again.
By Fraser and Laurie
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