Nursery Planting

9th June 2016

In the run up to the legendary Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, Nursery were encouraged to develop their horticultural expertise on Thursday 9th June, when they took part in a joint venture with Squire’s Garden Centre in Milford, organised by Miss John. The budding young botanists learned basic ‘green finger’ skills such as planting seeds, how plants grow and how to look after them following the creation of their own special garden at school.

Ably assisted by both Nursery and Reception classes, Juliet from Squire’s Garden Centre filled planters with a variety of flowers, tomatoes and herbs. Geraniums and Nemesia provided colour and scent and the herbs and tomatoes added a culinary educational value to the project. Everyone had a super time in the warm weather, thank you to Miss John and to Ricky and Juliet from Squires.

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