Which rocket seeds went to space?

21st June 2016

The Royal Horticultural Society ‘Campaign for School Gardening’ teamed up with the UK Space Agency to organise the project. The rocket seeds were on the ISS with British astronaut Tim Peake for several months, and were returned and sent to Barrow Hills. We received a packet of blue seeds and a packet of red seeds to plant, grow and compare, without knowing which ones have been to space and which have not.

The results were somewhat surprising. The class majority had predicted it was the seeds that had not done as well that must have been to space believing that the difference in gravity and pressure may have confused the growth. Anyway, the rocket that has grown big and strong had been to space!! The results from all schools have gone off for analysis and will be published in September. 

Click to watch the video that reveals the space seeds true identity Space Seeds

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