Year 8 Residential to the Ardèche

7th July 2016

On Saturday 18th June Year 8 set off on a coach to the Ardèche in the south of France. We slept (some of us did!) and arrived in the sunshine on Sunday for lunch. We did lots of activities including caving, climbing, raft building and some team games. On Thursday we set off down the Ardèche for an exhilarating two day descent of the river, covering 26 kilometres and 24 rapids. We had a fantastic time in the 30 degree sunshine, jumping in when we got too hot. Overnight we slept under the stars on a tarpaulin. We had one unwelcome guest… a wild boar visited us to steal our sweets at 03:40! The girls slept through it! We arrived home on Sunday 26th June, after a very sleepy trip back.

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